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congoThe Congos front-man Cedric Myton was born in Old Harbor, Jamaica and began singing with a group featuring Prince Lincoln called the Tartans in the late 1960’s. He also became a member of Ras Michael’s “Son’s of Negus” ensemble until teaming back up with Lincoln as the Royal Rasses in the early 1970’s. Myton then formed the group The Congos as a duo with “Ashanti” Roydel Johnson and the two released the single “At The Feast” which was recorded by Lee “Scratch” Perry. Perry expanded the Congos sound by adding a baritone voice to Cedric’s dynamic lead vocal range and the magical formula was complete; Cedric

Myton’s falsetto, Ashanti Roy’s tenor, and Watty Burnett’s baritone. The newly formed trio was soon at Scratch’s Black Ark Studio to record the proverbial “Heart Of The Congos” album in 1977. Many fans and critics would call this the greatest work to come out of Perry’s legendary studio. The Congos followed this monumental record with the brilliant “Congo Ashanti” in 1978 and “Image of Africa” in 1979.

Because of complications involving Lee Perry’s dispute with Island Records, the “Heart of the Congos” album was shelved before it could be released and the resulting frustration caused the trio to break up soon after 1980. Cedric Myton continued recording and touring as the Congos with other harmony singers until 2006 when the original Congos reformed with Watty Burnett and Ashanti Roy again alongside Cedric. The album that followed, “Swinging Bridge” solidified the group’s place as legends among Jamaican Harmony Trios. In 2009 the Congos were again in the studio and again with the iconic producer Lee “Scratch” Perry. The result was the album “Back In The Black Ark” which became a huge success in Europe.

Since reforming, the Congos have enjoyed wide success performing across the world. As it was when they first got together the Congos remain focused on the teachings of Marcus Garvey and the words of HIM. The Congos are featured on Groundation’s Hebron Gate and Here I Am albums.

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