New Single & Music Video

After dropping three notable singles, Groundation releases “Market Price,” an inspiring spiritual track showcasing the diversity of the group’s upcoming studio album One Rock. The fourth single kicks off with slow dreamy piano notes, before breaking into an uptempo jazz melody that then slides into sunny, soothing reggae. The music creates a sonic reflection with the music balancing out the heaviness of the lyric.

On "Market Price," bandleader and songwriter Harrison Stafford rages against a sick, immoral society, stating, “Please don’t judge man’s soul tonight, we’re not ready, Lord.” In the end, the song’s message is one of hope and optimism: “This is not the end you see, for I believe in prophecy, and there’s a riddim inside of we a gonna shift society!” As with the first three singles, a video for “Market Price” has been produced by Harrison’s childhood friend Roger Hall, being released the same day.

In speaking about this new single, Harrison Stafford said the song “represents one of the most complex and lyrically potent songs of the entire Groundation catalog.”

Stream the new single here: alongside the music video