DUB ROCK Releases July 5th, 2024

We are excited to announce the July 5th, 2024 release of our album DUB ROCK. Jim Fox, legendary engineer of famed LION & FOX Studios has peeled back the layers and created new compositions from our 2022 release ONE ROCK. Dub music first began from the pioneering work of Jamaican engineers Lee Scratch Perry and King Tubby who brought the art form to the world in the 1970s. The style is made from the engineer, having full access to all the recorded tracks; drum, bass, rhythmic instruments and lead melodies, and by bringing those instruments in and out of the mix while at the same time adding copious amounts of reverb and cascading delays they create a whole new body of work. DUB ROCK is our firs dub release since 2018s EACH ONE DUB ONE and also this album is the first GROUNDATION dub versions by JIM FOX since DUB WARS back in 2005!

In addition the digital download version of DUB ROCK is offered as one of reggae first ever ATMOST MIX, which is DOLBYs new surround sound technology that allows the engineer to fully encircle the listener with their new three-dimentional technology.

More new coming soon!