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pabloPablo Moses was born Pableto Henry (June 28, 1948) in the rural Manchester part of Jamaica, where he got his start performing with informal school bands. Moving and settling into the west Kingston area known as Vineyard Town Moses burst onto the reggae scene with the puzzling single “I Man a Grasshopper” recorded in the famed Black Ark Studio by Lee “Scratch” Perry in 1975. The song title refers the title character of the then popular television series Kung Fu and was an enormous hit in both Jamaica and England, but Moses himself remained fairly unknown.

Following the success of “Grasshopper,” Moses released a few more singles until releasing his debut album Revolutionary Dream. The album was critically acclaimed, but it brought him little profit and Moses decided to back off from the music scene for a while.

During this time, he spent two years studying at the Jamaica School of Music. It was there that he gathered a new group of musicians and began performing at nightclubs, theaters and on campus. They also made a television show that was quite popular in Jamaica. In 1980, Moses returned to reggae with A Song, (1980) an innovative album produced by Moses and Geoffrey Chung that was recorded in Jamaica using the island’s finest session players and the remixed in London. The result was a multi-layered blend of roots and sophisticated international reggae that many consider Moses’ masterpiece. Chung and Moses would then produced the remarkable follow-up, Pave the Way (re-released for the first time on CD by our Young Tree Records).

Pablo Moses has since become an internationally beloved musician. His dedication to Rastafari and conscious lyrics about world affairs has kept his name in the ever-present roots music scene. He like many elder Jamaican singers struggle to get their music out to the masses. Today he still resides in Vineyard Town and is a very approachable and knowledgeable teacher with a big heart for family and togetherness. Pablo Moses is featured with Groundation on the albums Upon the Bridge and Here I Am.

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