Grounded Soldier

Welcome to the “Grounded Soldiers” webpage. This is where people from anywhere in the world can sign up to become “Grounded Soldiers”. To register, please fill in the information below.

The purpose of Grounded Soldiers is to build a “grassroots” network of people working throughout the world to promote the music and message of Groundation.

As a Grounded Soldier you agree to actively support and promote Groundation projects and events in your geographical area including concerts, music releases, videos, etc. The promotional methods you use will include electronic media and/or “old-school” street activities such as putting up posters and/or distributing handbills.

Grounded Soldiers receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • Backstage access after Groundation concerts in your local area.
  • Free Groundation gear such as posters, TShirts, and LPs when you actively promote activities in your local area.
  • Free advance releases, archival recordings and other merchandise in recognition of outstanding contributions.

Most of all we want to make being a Grounded Soldier fun and rewarding; thanks to all who sign up! You are now one of the Groundation Family!

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Defender of Beauty // Groundation
  1. Defender of Beauty // Groundation
  2. Undivided // Groundation
  3. Praising // Groundation
  4. Fight All You Can // Groundation
  5. Here I Am // Groundation
  6. Building An Ark // Groundation
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